June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian
Jellied Pigs Feet
(Kocsonyas sertescsulok)

As a young child, I remember my Father bringing home pigs feet to cook. I never felt an aversion to them as do so many other people who were not raised on them. We used to eat cold homemade Jellied Pigs feet often. Succulent little split feet surrounded by flavorful melt in your mouth aspic. We would sprinkle little drops of vinegar over them. They were very good.

Once in a while my father would bring home a whole pigs head and he would make Head Cheese. That pigs head I felt an aversion to. There is just something about a pigs head sitting on the kitchen table. I love Head Cheese and will often buy a one inch thick slice and sprinkle it with vinegar and eat it with a slice of rye bread for lunch. I do not make Head Cheese.

Regards, June Meyer.

Put pigs feet into 2 quarts of water and bring to a boil. Throw away water. Wash off feet in cold water.
Add another 2 quarts of cold water and the onions, carrots, garlic, paprika, salt and mixed spice.

NOTE: If you like a very firm jelly or aspic, add some veal bones when you cook the feet.

Cook for about 3 hours or until feet become tender. Keep skimming the water to keep the broth clear.
Put feet into a serving dish that will fit into the refrigerator. Strain the broth and then pour over the feet, and chill. Sprinkle with some paprika.

Serve with a good hearty bread, pickled peppers, good German beer, and a small decanter of good vinegar to sprinkle on feet if desired.

Serves 5 to 7.


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