June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian
Translyvania Krumbumballe

(an old Cold Cure with Lemon and Whiskey)

In my old neighborhood in "Old Town" I remember being taken to the corner Drug Store where the Pharmacist would mix up a cold remedy for us children. It was the time before all the "over the counter" drugs were available. I loved the cough syrup he made, it was called "Honey Tar". I would lick the spoon. I think the "Tar" was molasses.

None of this "Honey Tar" for my father. He made this drink called Krumbumballe (if this was really its name or made up I never knew). But It was taken seriously if you had a cold and cough.

Regards, June Meyer.

Put lemon slices, water and sugar into a small sauce pan.
Cook this until the lemon is soft, do not let burn.
Pour into pot, 1 shot glass of whiskey. Mix well.

Ignite the whiskey and burn off the alcohol, it will burn blue, and extinguish itself.

Drink the liquid down and chew the cooked lemon peel.

Pile up the heaviest blankets you own on your bed, and crawl in under them and go to sleep. The idea is to sweat the cold out of your system. My Father said it always worked. As an adult, I have tried this. I must say it tastes pretty good. I can't say it did my cold any harm.


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