June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian
Apricot and Prune Lekvar Fillings
for Kipfels and Cookies

Lekvar is a very thick puree of pure fruit used in Kipfels and cookies. It is extra thick so that it will not run out of the pastries or cookies.

Do not buy the canned prune and apricot fruit fillings that you will find in the food stores and suppermarkets. They are expensive for the amount you will need, and the taste cannot compare with the filling you make your self.

Regards, June Meyer.


It is easy to make the fruit filling for Kipfels and filled cookies. Take a pound of dried fruit, either apricots or prunes, and put them in a sauce pan to cover with water and set them on the stove to cook. Do not let all the water evaporate or the Lekvar will burn.
Add a little more water to keep this from happening. Once the fruit is soft add to the fruit one cup of sugar and further cook until thick. Remove from pot and puree with a food mill or a cuisinart. The puree will should be thick, not runny. If it is runny, cook till it is thick. Ladle the puree into pint sized freezer bags. These bags can be frozen until you need them or used right away. By cutting off a small corner, the bag now becomes a pastry bag which can be used to squeeze the puree onto the kipfel before it is rolled or folded up. This saves a lot of time and mess. You will want to make both prune and apricot. You will have some filling left over that be kept frozen until you need it. Then just cut off the corner of the plastic pouch and you are ready to go.

Lekvar is also used as fillings for cookies.


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