June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian
Lentil Soup


Hungarian soups are usually served in the fall and winter months. When ever I make a large pot of soup in winter, the steam always condenses on the windows. I then always think of a remote memory I have of playing by a low window, water running down in little riverlets, and shadowy forms passing by single file on the other side of the window, and the wonderful smell of soup cooking. When I asked my mother about the memory she said that my paternal grandmother had died in January 1936, and family and guests were coming back from the cemetary after the burial. It was frigid out and Hungarian soup, bread and Strudel was made to feed the frozen mourners. I was two years old and that faint memory has stayed with me for my whole life.

Never a separate course by itself, but always the main course. This is another one of those hearty Peasant soups that is a complete meal by itself. Serve it with some crusty bread, a chunk of cheese and a dark beer. Serve in a large bowl steaming hot.

Regards, June Meyer.

In a large pot, heat fat and add carrots, root vegetable and onions.
Saute until onions are golden.
Add lentils, water, celery, and seasonings.
Grate the potato into the mixture and add sausage.
Simmer covered 1 hour until lentils and vegetables are tender.
Remove bay leaves.
Add vinegar just before serving and adjust salt.
Serve with a crusty bread and salad.

Mongol Soup

If you add one can of tomato paste and two cans of water to the above soup and puree it, you will have made another soup called Mongo Soup. Try it, it is good.

Serves 6.


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