June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian
Liver Dumplings


Great Aunt Miller was my Grandfather Seine's sister. A wonderful cook, she was a large woman and hard of hearing. It seems like she was always shouting as though we were the ones that were deaf. But when she shouted "liver dumplings ready" we were already seated patiently at the table. We waited for a large bowl of chicken soup, full of chicken bits, and wonderful liver dumplings. Nothing can compare with the taste of those fresh parsley and chicken liver dumplings, cut into the simmering soup.
Easy to make, hard to forget.

Regards, June Meyer.

Cream butter and egg very throughly.
Add flour till you have a nice dough. You may add a little more flour if needed.
Grate the onion into the dough.
Finely chop parsely into dough.
Add 1/2 tea. salt and dash of pepper.
Chop liver very fine.
Add liver to dough.
Cut into soup with teaspoon when the soup boiling.

Serves 4.


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