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Walnut filling for Cookies

Walnuts grow in abundance in Hungary. Walnuts are used in most nut studel recipes, kipfels, and nut cookies. The baked in a recipe walnut flavor is very different from the toasted walnut flavor. It is a more delicate and buttery flavor that lends itself to Hungarian pastries. You can never have enough walnuts on hand. Be sure you buy fresh walnuts, they can go rancid if old. Store them in the freezer or refrigerator. Always taste your walnut before using them in a recipe. You can avoid a disaster if they are rancid.

This is the same filling for Walnut Strudel but halved.

Regards, June Meyer.

Mix filling in bowl using only 1/4 cup of boiled milk, It should be thick.
If not spreadable use the rest of milk.
Use for filling Kipfils, Kalachki, or Cream cheese cookies.
Can be stored in freezer. Keeps well.


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