June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian
Smoked Butt in Brown Sugar

(Fustolt sertesfar nyerscukoban)

Smoked butt made in the Austrian-Hungarian style is wonderful and economical eating. The butt is cooked in brown sugar water. I find that the smoked butt is small enough to last for a few meals. It usually weighs about 3 to 4 pounds, is not full of fat. If you have not tried a smoked butt, you will be in for a surprise. It has very good smoked ham flavor. It makes a wonderful "corned beef and cabbage" meal for Saint Patrick's Day, but cooks much faster than corned beef. Only 40 minutes a pound and it is done, versus hours for corned beef. No fatty waste.

Regards, June Meyer.

Place Butt in pot large enough to hold at least 2 quarts of water (enough to cover butt), add the brown sugar and simmer on top of stove in covered pot, 40 minutes to each pound of butt.

When done, remove butt from pot but do not throw away cooking liquid. Slice and serve warm with boiled or mashed potatoes and vegetable. Sour Cream Coleslaw on the side is nice.

The wonderfully flavored cooking water is used to make a delicious soup, with the addition of cabbage, tomato, onion, potatoes. (See Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup recipe).

Smoked butt is versatile and full of tender meat.


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